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Mr. Vallabh Thumar

Welcome to our site – www.tmmaindia.net

The Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (India) (TMMA), set up in May 1958, is the exclusive organisation of Indian Textile Machinery, Parts & Accessories Manufacturers. From 9 founder members it has reached a level of more than 85 constituents. The production of its members constitutes more than 65% of the total production of the Textile Engineering Industry of India. Members produce all categories of technologically advanced machines required for the Textile Industry. Its influence extends within India and in other countries, to the concerned manufacturing and user industries, respective Government Departments, and the apex/export promotion organizations.

The TMMA is acts as a catalyst in the promotion and overall development of the Indian Textile Engineering Industry (TEI). Therefore, the TMMA keeps itself and its members abreast of the day-today changing technological developments and other related activities. It makes available to its constituents important changes in the fiscal and trading policies of the Government of India relating to Textile and Textile Engineering Industries. TMMA compiles the production data from members as well as non-members and maintains imports and export statistics for dissemination to Government and other agencies.

The TEI’s progress over the last five decades is highlighted in the website, which also explains various other activities currently pursued by TMMA.

For further enquiries or information on the Association or the Textile Engineering Industry of India, please contact the Secretary General of our Association.

With all good wishes