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Review of GSP benefit given to India by US


The US Congress has authorized extension of GSP benefits and currently, India is one of the largest beneficiary under this programme. The United States Trade Representative (USTR) would be reviewing country specific eligibility. USTR notified that the review process for India would start shortly.

You are requested to file your submissions electronically through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at the link below

The link will direct you to the form to be filled for filing your response in regard to GSP review and upload the requisite documents.

You are required to give your comments in 5000 characters and provide a proper justification for each of the commodity or the group of commodities exported by you, highlighting how the GSP imports into the US from India are benefitting US. Also, how the GSP products that are imported into the US are benefitting the Indian Small Scale industry.

The form also provides an option for third party filing the response on your behalf. Kindly, bear in mind that unless our exporters file their responses, the GSP benefit given by the US Government may be withdrawn. Accordingly, please also request your US importer of the concerned commodities to fill appropriate responses with USTR in the above link. Their response must include, among others, on how the American industry would suffer if GSP benefit is withdrawn for each and every specific commodity or group of commodities. This is the most important activity which may please be taken up seriously so that the importers in  US concerned file their petitions before the deadline.

The last date to for submission of responses is June 5th 2018, midnight and the public hearing will take place on June 19th 2018.

You are also requested to send a copy of the filed petition to EEPC  (;; , so that they can take it up separately. Further, to give an idea, drafted a comments which is linked below for your kind perusal. Please note that the draft is merely an attempt to give you an idea about how you can go about writing the petition.


Draft of EEPC India Comments