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Made in India ISOWARP from Karl Mayer

Made-in-India ISOWARP from Karl Mayer

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Given the increasing demand for Isowarp sectional warping machine that ensures quality warp beams for all types of yarns suitable for shirting, suiting, dress material, upholstery, etc., the company has taken a decision to manufacture it at its plant in Ahmedabad

Karl Mayer, a pioneer in manufacturing world-class machines for warp preparation, will now make its Isowarp model in India through its subsidiary Karl Mayer Textile Machinery India (P) Limited at Ahmedabad. The company has been producing several types of sectional warpers and over the years has supplied these machines across the globe, including hundreds in India through its sole selling agent, ATE Enterprises. For example, there are close to 150 machines of a single model – Ergotec – that have been installed in Indian plants. Based on market needs, Karl Mayer also introduced the Isowarp model sectional warper, which has been manufactured in Germany and China. Several of these warpers have been in operation in India and Bangladesh. This model will now be made in India to cater to the growing demand.

Sectional warping is one of the crucial processes in warp preparation to produce quality and defect-free warp beams. The Isowarp sectional warping machine ensures quality warp beams for all types of yarns suitable for shirting, suiting, dress material, upholstery, etc. Isowarp has been proven to run at higher warping and beaming speeds and, in particular, with a substantial simplification of operation, resulting in improved production. “Beam to beam reproducibility is guaranteed with Karl Mayer’s in-built Kamcos system, which additionally has easy access to the telecom service network to remotely support machine maintenance,” a company press release states. Only warps of the highest quality guarantee optimal efficiency and fault-free fabric in the weaving department.

Quality with Isowarp

This modern sectional warping guarantees perfect warp quality at maximum productivity, which is a decisive factor for the weaving department. So how does Isowarp ensure the best quality warp?

  • Optimum warp build-up on the drum with precise positioning of the reed headstock to the cone is achieved fully automatically and with the highest precision. The reed headstock feed movement is followed automatically.
  • Uniform cylindrical build-up guaranteed through evener roller ensures that the yarn count variations and yarn volume changes do not cause any density variations.
  • The reverse rotation of the drum is important in ensuring a perfect warp sheet laying at its winding point on to the drum with maximum levelling effect from the evener roller.
  • The Karl Mayer system permits optimal winding density while at the same time ensuring minimal yarn loading. Thus, an absolutely cylindrical build-up of the warp is achieved from the first to the last section.
  • Thanks to a short distance between the measuring roller and the evener roller, section spread is practically negligible.

Isowarp: Technology Personified

Isowarp is designed to produce production warps for all the types of suiting, shirting, sheeting and furnishing applications with the most competitive price-performance ratio. Its features include uniform thread tension, high residual elongation, exact thread array, no crossed ends, and no missing ends. Several factors are responsible for high productivity: A combination of high speed with minimal yarn tension and optimal operator ergonomic preconditions guarantee maximum productivity. The highest precision with long-term reliability is required to ensure the best warp quality while preparing warp beams on the section warping machine. Also, all ends are wound on to the drum with exactly the same length and uniform tension – this is a key assurance from Karl Mayer.

The Isowarp further guarantees exact cone alignment, precise section width determination, extremely precise feed calculation, evener roller at the running-on point, automatic section alignment, and automatic section tension control. Section tension control is a crucial factor in the production process. “Through the consistent application of electronic control engineering and the perfect position of an evener roller, modern sectional warping machines can reliably produce a cylindrical material build-up on the warping drum. Equal end length over the whole width of the warp is thus guaranteed. It ensures that the ends are not only wound to be the same diameter, but also with the same thread tension,” the press release states.

Advantages of Section Tension Control

Section tension control measures the overall tension of the warp section immediately in front of the winding-on point on the drum, coverts it into the value for a single end and then compares this figure with the specified figure entered in the system. When any divergence occurs, the CPU adjusts the thread tensioners on the creel until the specified tension range is reached again. Control is so quick and precise that the figure specified is held even in the run- up phase. This means it is possible to achieve fully constant thread tension conditions in every phase of the warping process, independent of changes in speed, even in the start and stop phase; diminishing package diameter; and any warp bobbin change in the middle of the warp.