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LCC High Technology Centura Cylinder wire for Card Clothing

LCC’s high-technology Centura cylinder wire for card clothing

June 10, 2019Textile Magazine 0 Comments

Mr. S. Harishankar,
Jt. Managing Director, LCC

Lakshmi Card Clothing (LCC) has revolutionized the global market with its unique and efficient card clothing and card service machines since its inception in 1960. Its sheer commitment to perfection and passion-driven innovations has made it the global leader in the market. It provides the most sought-after card room solutions that truly deliver beyond expectations. It is indeed the largest producer of metallic card clothing and card service machines in India.

The never-ending search of the company’s customer-oriented R&D team for ideas and possibilities of improvement has led to the creation of quality products and solutions that are ahead of the time and the best that technology could offer.

LCC has just revealed the Centura, the supremely efficient, technology-driven cylinder wire that aims to revolutionize the carding industry. This is a ground-breaking invention with its unique design that is all set to change the face of carding in the years to come. Originally carding wires have a clear trough where the fibres flow to be carded. This continuous action and the flow of fibres caused abrasion of the roots in the long run and the trough saw trash embedment which affected the production quality.

LCC’s R&D team, in its bid to solve these problems, developed a cylinder wire that is supremely efficient and technology driven and aims to revolutionize the carding industry.

The Centura, with its ingenious distinctive profile, is designed to keep the fibres closer to the tip of the cylinder wire facilitating intensive carding for an efficient nep removal and reduction in yarn imperfections.

This all-new patented cylinder wire design supports effective transfer of fibres from the cylinder to the doffer and reduces the return flow of fibres which is essential for higher production rates and refined quality. It is equipped with more supportive area to the working tip that enhances reliability and consistency in delivery and helps to increase the life of the cylinder wire.

The cylinder offers the following advantages:

• Carding action is improved manifold with the special profile which facilitates the fibre to stay at the tip of the wire point.

• The distinctive profile helps achieve quality yarn with better reduction of neps & yarn imperfections.

• Innovative construction results in reduction of seed coat neps in sliver.

• Progressive angle made in the wire ensures intensive opening of fibres at higher production rate.

• The expanded supportive area at the working tip enhances reliability, consistency on delivery and life.