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Enlistment of Machinery Manufacturers under ATUFS

A Sub-Committee had been constituted by the Technical Advisory-Cum-Monitoring Committee (TAMC) vide Minutes of 9tr meeting dated, 20.12.2017 to examine the list of Accreditation Agencies/ Certifying Bodies which could be recognized for the purpose of accrediting/certifying the Textile Machinery Manufacturers who could be empanelled for supplying the machinery which are eligible for benefits under ATUFS with a view to simplify ATUFS and broaden the criteria for Accreditation/Certification of Machinery Manufacturers so that the best technologies could come into India without any barrier. 

It is decided by this Sub-Committee on 27.03.2018, that the list of accreditation agencies and certifying bodies would be expanded with an objective to ensure ease of doing business, while at the same time not compromising with the principle that while all the state of art textile machinery should enter in Indian market without barriers and at the same time ensuring that the textile machines which are not upto the mark do not enter the Indian market so that the units which may purchase such machinery are safeguarded. 

The Sub-Committee has also decided that the agencies which are Accredited by Accreditation Bodies that are MLA signatories of International Accreditation Forum (IAF ) for Quality Management System would also be included for the purpose of giving LS.O. Certificates to the Textile Machinery Manufacturers who could be enlisted under ATUFS. 

The Committee has further decided that in addition to the CE mark self-certification which had been allowed in case of European Textile Machinery Manufacturers, the same is also extended to the American and Japanese Textile Machinery Manufacturers. 

The above relaxation shall be placed before the TAMC for ratification. 

(Source: Government of India, Ministry of Textiles, Office of The Textile Commissioner, April 10, 2018)