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India overtakes China in FDI inflows first time in 20 years India received more than $38 billion in FDI so far this year China lagged behind with $32 billion, 413545074_India-overtakes-China-in-FDI-.doc View
Uzbekistan promotes 2019 as year of investment in backdrop of wider business with India India has been invited to make large scale investments across sectors in Uzbekistan taking advantage 682899168_Uzbekistan-promotes-2019-as-y.doc View
Government to shift financial year to January-December, announcement likely soon The move is aimed to align it with the agriculture production cycle. 69936957_Government-to-shift-financial.doc View
An Appeal to Members to take the benefit of the Special Drive Concerned the benefit of the Special Drive Concerned 383548946_EEPC-Public-Notice.doc View
GTTES 2019, by India ITME witnesses full-house turn outs GTTES 2019 proved to be an optimum business platform with more business leads and new customers offe 906553160_GTTES-2019-brief.doc View
China's economic growth rate slowest since 1990 China's growth in 2018 was down from 6.8 per cent growth in 2017. 1284900683_China's-economic-growth-rate-.doc View
MSMEs rule the roost at Vibrant Gujarat Summit Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is now providing a platform to global and Indian players to showcase t 1973033602_MSMEs-rule-the-roost-at-Vibra.doc View
China announces more tax cuts for small companies further tax cuts for small companies as part of an effort to create jobs and promote economic stabil 1301224571_China-announces-more-tax-cuts.docx View
Pakistan’s textile industry receiving higher import queries from US Pakistan is likely to be the beneficiary of the prolonged trade war between the US and China, as the 1906275061_Pakistan’s-textile-industry-r.doc View
Vibrant Gujarat - India is a great opportunity for global investors, says Modi India’s challenge is to develop horizontally to spread benefits of development to regions and commun 111476063_Vibrant-Gujarat---India-is-a-.doc View
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